Feb. 16th, 2010


Feb. 16th, 2010 01:37 am
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clothing with sales tag still on it
out of date calendar
surprise furniture
surprise appliance
auxiliary backup kitchen
auxiliary backup kitchen in hallway (3 drinks)
Social Services gets involved
children removed from premises (3 drinks)
adult removed from premises (chug)
Christmas tree
Hard Rock Cafe mug/glass/anything
junk stored in oven
rotten food
a turd (3 drinks)
overflowing ash tray
overflowing litter box (3 drinks)
mattress infestation
water damage
fire damage (3 drinks)
hoarder blames another family member
family member accepts blame (chug)
per pet owned
per cat owned (2 drinks)
per ceramic cat owned (3 drinks)
per pet euthanized (chug)
per "collection"
per stuffed animal "collection" (2 drinks)
per spooky doll "collection" (3 drinks)
per tattoo
per missing tooth
per missing finger (3 drinks)
middle aged woman
fat, middle aged woman (2 drinks)
diabetic, fat, middle aged woman (3 drinks)
someone sleeps on a pile of laundry
someone sleeps on a pile of trash
someone sleeps in an easy chair
someone sleeps in a tent (3 drinks)
someone sleeps lashed to a toilet (chug)
digging through trash
digging through already sorted bag of trash (2 drinks)
digging through trash in dumpster (3 drinks)
they find something that halts all progress
they find something that triggers meltdown (2 drinks)
they find something broken that triggers meltdown (3 drinks)
they find long lost toy
they find long lost glasses
they find long lost wallet
they find long lost keys
they find long lost registration
they find long lost money
they find long lost dentures (2 drinks)
they find long lost firearms (3 drinks)
they find long lost pet skeleton stuck to the carpet (smack yourself up with heroin)


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