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2010-06-01 11:58 pm

Sour Cherries

I apologize for the late notice, but I just got word about half an hour ago that sour cherries are available for picking at the Bacchini family farm, starting this Friday. That means we're heading out there this Saturday morning. Anyone is welcome to come along.

To get us through the lines and into the orchard faster, please print and fill out this form, and have it ready when we get to the farm:


We will meet up at our house, may or may not have breakfast before we drive out (depending on interest,) and then carpool to Bacchini's Fruit Tree. Bring boxes or bags or something to haul your fruit home. Oh, and wear sunscreen.

From what I have read, Bacchini's is a madhouse this weekend, since they're the only sour cherry farm in the bay area. They also have sweet cherries, white cherries, olallaberries, and loquats, but I sneer with contempt at those lesser fruit.